Timpi Launches Collector Nodes on Flux: Decentralized Search Reaches New Heights

• Timpi has launched its Collector nodes on Flux, an open source decentralized cloud infrastructure.
• This collaboration expands Timpi’s network and allows individuals with limited hardware to access their services.
• During the beta testing phase, Timpi has indexed up to 3500 pages per second with an average query response of 700ms.

Timpi Expands Beta Program to Flux

Timpi has launched its Collector nodes on Flux, the most decentralized cloud infrastructure. This collaboration will extend the reach of Timpi’s network and allow individuals who may not have sufficient hardware or specifications to access their services.

Advantages of Partnership

The partnership between Timpi and Flux is mutually beneficial as both parties can promote their decentralized platforms to each other’s communities and increase awareness around distributed projects. Additionally, this collaboration provides an opportunity for Timpi to expand its reach and make a lasting impact in the world of decentralization.

Beta Test Results

Timpi web search beta testing has been met with positive results so far. Over 1000 users are currently taking part in the closed beta test with 3500 pages being indexed per second and a query response time of 700ms – which is impressive for a decentralized indexing system.

Public ICO & Token Generation Event (TGE)

To further fund the development of their project, Timpi has announced its Public ICO and TGE dates which are yet to be determined. The proceeds from these events will be used by the team to continue building out their platform and bring it closer to completion.


The launch of Timpi’s nodes on Web3 is a significant milestone in their beta program as it establishes them as a truly decentralized search engine making use of advanced technologies such as distributed systems, blockchain technology, artificial intelligence (AI) etc., thereby providing users with efficient tools that allow them to search through data securely without depending upon central authorities or intermediaries .