Stacks (STX) Soars 7% Daily, Bitcoin (BTC) Reclaims $28K: Market Watch

• Bitcoin (BTC) regained its position above the $28,000 mark following an initial dip.
• Stacks (STX) was the best performer of the past 24 hours and is up 7%.
• Other altcoins such as LDO also recovered some of their losses.

Market Update

The market has been relatively stable in recent days, with Bitcoin (BTC) reclaiming its position above the $28,000 level despite a brief dip south. Stacks (STX) was the biggest winner in the past 24 hours, rising 7%. Meanwhile, other altcoins like LDO have recovered some of their losses.

Bitcoin Price Movement

After last Monday’s volatility caused by false news surrounding Binance’s CEO sent BTC south by over a thousand dollars, Bitcoin successfully managed to recover and hovered around $28,000 for most of this week. The asset even spiked to just under $29,000 on Wednesday before bearish pressure pushed it back below that level. Over the weekend, BTC moved in a tight range between $27,800 and $28,200 before dipping briefly to the former yesterday. However it quickly bounced back above $28K and even touched $28500 in recent hours.

Stacks Performance

Stacks has been on an impressive run lately and is now up 7% in the past 24 hours alone. This makes STX one of the strongest performers amongst all cryptocurrencies at press time and further boosts its already impressive YTD gains which stands at over 700%. This surge may be attributed to increased awareness about STX as well as strong institutional demand for it – both factors which are likely contributing to its growth right now.

LDO Price Action

LDO had experienced significant losses yesterday but has since managed to recuperate some of those losses with a slight gain today. Despite being down 3% YTD currently, many analysts remain bullish on LDO due to its potential use case as well as its low circulating supply relative to other coins like Ethereum or Bitcoin Cash – both of which have much higher market caps than LDO at present time.


The crypto market appears to be slowly recovering from last week’s volatility with Bitcoin regaining its footing above $28K while many altcoins are either holding steady or seeing minor gains today. It remains unclear whether this trend will continue into next week however given how volatile prices can be even within short periods of time we should expect more fluctuations ahead regardless of direction