Every Third US Crypto Investor is Victim of Theft: Kaspersky Report

• Kaspersky conducted a study which reveals that 30% of US crypto investors have been victims of theft.
• The average value of stolen assets was nearly $100,000, while 15% of respondents have lost up to $1 million worth of crypto tokens.
• The majority of victims were aged 18-24 and 8% of those older than 55 had some assets siphoned due to fraudulent websites or fake investment platforms.

Crypto Theft on the Rise in US

Kaspersky recently conducted a study which revealed that approximately one third of all US crypto investors have had some portion of their stash stolen by hackers. This alarming statistic shows that bad actors are increasingly targeting cryptocurrency holders, especially those aged 18-24. The average value of the lost assets was nearly $100,000, while 15% of the respondents admitted parting with up to $1,000,000 worth of tokens.

How Do Hackers Target Crypto Investors?

Bad actors usually scam victims by luring them to enter a counterfeit website or urging them to join a dubious investment platform. They also use social engineering tricks like phishing emails or malicious links with the intent to steal user credentials and gain access to their wallets. It is also worth noting that only 10% people aged 55+ own any cryptocurrencies, suggesting they may be more cautious when investing in digital assets.

Protection Tips from Kaspersky

Kaspersky urged people to be more careful when storing their passwords, adding that 14% of investors have not made any efforts to do so. In order to protect yourself against potential losses through crypto theft it is important to always use strong passwords and never click on suspicious links sent via email or other channels. Furthermore, people should double check if they land on legitimate websites before entering personal information or making payments with cryptocurrencies.

What Are Regulators Doing?

The lack of comprehensive regulations has been identified as one major reason for increased crypto theft activities across the world over the past few years.. To combat this issue governments are taking different approaches ranging from strict bans and enforcement actions against perpetrators to introducing specific laws governing virtual currencies and blockchain technology usage within certain jurisdictions.


Cryptocurrency theft remains a major concern for investors around the world despite recent regulatory measures taken by various governments . People need to take extra care when using digital wallets as well as exercising caution when dealing with unknown entities online in order to protect themselves from potential losses through cybercrime activities